I wasn’t expecting that

Have had a busy week at work and uni and along with SS we are counting down the days until our holiday for my 40th birthday and SS the day after mine . Two Virgoes but we just seem to fit perfectly which is great when you are both perfectionists In most everything you do. So we are only 23 days I until my birthday and the following day on SS birthday we fly out to the Whitsundays and daydream island for 5 days of paradise. 

Hammocks by the water, cocktails in the pool bar and surrounded by the most amazing views 360 degrees. And I honestly can’t wait for the little things like going to sleep with him by my side each night . 

How good does this place look?? So excited as it’s been a long time since I went on a holiday . 

Anyway so after my busy week and finishing university for the day on Friday I waited for SS to finish work at the plaza leading into town hall station . He arrived after I’d waited only ten minutes or so. We meet there most days for a quick kiss and catch up on the days we weren’t going to see each other at night after work just to say hi. 

I saw him coming through the plaza in his casual gear as it was Friday and I felt a little disappointment as I love seeing him in his business suit and tie and had forgotten about casual Friday . 

But that disappointment quickly disappeared when he rushed up to me   , took me in his arms , kissed me and whispered into my ear ” I love you”, and with that my heart stopped beating for a second and it made me jolt . And then I thought oh my goodness I’m going to cry as I felt my eyes begin to well up . ” don’t do this to me here “!!! OMG my mind raced as I knew it wasn’t something he would say without meaning it and I couldn’t get the smile off my face as I nuzzled into his chest trying to stop myself from crying . 

When I looked up at him finally he was smiling too and he explained , “I had to tell you baby, I do mean it I love you “And I replied ” I love you too “.

Needless to say we spent the weekend in bed showing our love for each other as both of us never thought we would ever find this kind of love again but lucky for both of us fate had other plans 

 I feel a little ripped off that it has taken almost 40 years to find the person who doesn’t take my breath away but instead reminds to breathe. 

The one who shows he respects me and whom I will cherish with every ounce of my being as I know how lucky I am to be loved by him . I thought I’d never find this again and that I had had my one chance which I blew but it was all just preparing me to be the person who was ready and able to love this gorgeous man back the way he truly deserves and to be lucky enough to have the timing just right when we were both ready yet not expecting it has just been a complete shock yet such a turning point in my life as I know now that all the hard work I put into saving myself , finding my inner strength and learning to love myself and find my self worth was worth every painful moment and tear shed as the prize I have received in the form of SS and his love has been worth it all . So to my past that helped shape who I now am I says thanks . The life I lived over the last few years and finding myself made me the person I now am and that’s the girl he now loves and I wasn’t expecting that


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