Celebrating 2 years

It may have been Valentine’s Day but for me it also marked the 2 year anniversary of me taking my life back from an incideous drug that destroyed my life .

And so although we love each other endlessly we spent the weekend celebrating the fact that I am alive and healthy, that I am again able to function in a society meant for contributors not those that suck the funding from hard working people’s taxes . 

We celebrated that we found each other at a point in our lives that meant we were able to start in a healthy place and move together through anything that comes our way … And with a clear mind for me . Not riddled with psychosis or my body ravaged by dehydration, sleep deprivation and deranged thoughts . It is now only the memories that last of what I became . 

And I celebrated knowing that although I didn’t believe in myself others that did held fast in their support and love for me. 

I did it …. I made it and I will continue to move through life being able to stop and smell the roses knowing I am loved completely and have nothing that I depend on to get me through my days but that love. 

SS spoilt me rotten for the special occasion with wine, chocolates , lingerie and a beautiful stay at the luxury Fairmont resort in the blue mountains and seafood dinner overlooking the Jamison valley .  



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